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Before you purchase rabbits from us, you must first read over our Purchase Agreement, and you will also be asked to sign a copy at pickup. All our Rabbits are of highest quality, and we take pride in offering excellent foundation stock quality in every rabbit sold or for the rabbits we sell.

Purchase rabbits

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Purchase Agreement

By purchasing a rabbit(s) from RabbitFarm.In, you acknowledge and agree with the following policies:

Closed Rabbitry

We now do not allow visitors to walk through our rabbitry or touch our breeding stock or cages for many reasons. The primary goal is to make sure our rabbits keep up excellent health and do not pick up any infections or sickness from visitors.  We apologize for the extreme caution but hope that you understand and respect our policy. Doing this allows us to make sure you are obtaining the best, safest quality breeding rabbits possible and no sickness or illnesses will spread. We have healthy rabbits and intend to keep them that way.


Although we do keep very accurate records on all our rabbits, their ancestries, breeding, litters, etc., we do NOT offer a copy of pedigrees to our customers.

Reservations / Deposits

All sales are on a first come first serve basis. A deposit should be made to reserve. Payments and deposits are non-refundable.


Cash / Fund transfer is the only accepted payment methods for rabbits or reservations. We do not take cheques.

Holding Time

Your rabbit(s) will be saved and kept for up to one week past “ready for pickup” time (the date the rabbit(s) are available for pickup). If rabbits have not been picked up by the end of the one week period, the rabbits are abandoned and sold to the next booking. There will be no returns if you change your thought for any reason at any moment, or if you are not picking up your rabbit(s) inside the 1-week time. It is your responsibility to plan so if you are coming from out-of-town.


We cannot guarantee when dealing with Mother Nature. If you have paid for future bunnies and the kindling did not follow, or there was an unusually disproportioned ratio of does to bucks in the offspring, you will be on the top of the list for the following available litter. The shortage is not a regular occurrence but is still a chance. Again, we cannot refund if your order gets delayed.

Lineage Diversity

RabbitFarm.In, we will always sell rabbits from as much independent does as possible for the excellent variety. We will try to offer the highest quality of rabbits for breeding purpose. We will always give the highest diversity potential and pair them up deliberately and strategically to make sure the highest long-term breeding success for our customers. As an experienced breeder, we always give the best rabbits possible.


Although we do not assume any problems with proper sexing of rabbits, it is the buyer’s liability to double check and confirm they are getting the gender of rabbit they need before leaving. We are glad to explain to you how to verify the genitals of the rabbit when you come, but it is still your responsibility to double check. Taking home the wrong sexed rabbit will NOT result in replacement. The last responsibility is to the customer!


All of our rabbits are in excellent health when they leave our rabbitry. Before selling our rabbits, we take extra care to make sure they are in ideal health. If there are any rabbits with uncertain health, we do not sell those. It is your accountability to inspect the rabbits before taking them with you. We will no longer have any control over their health, safety, and well-being once they leave our rabbitry. Therefore, we do not give refunds after you buy rabbits.

Right of Refusal

We own the power to refuse sales to anyone for any purpose, period. Also, we hold the right to cancel a reservation without explanation. We will issue a full refund if any deposits have been made to buy rabbits and we start the cancellation.


All purchases will be final. However, if for some cause you no longer feel you can care for a rabbit(s) you have purchased from RabbitFarm.In, please contact rabbitfarm.in, and we may be able to help you with anyone who would be ready to pick up the rabbit(s) for free and care for them. NO REFUNDs for returns, but we will make sure the rabbits have bothered. Please do not drop your rabbit in the wild. We are happy to help find a new home for your rabbit(s). Again, NO REFUNDS, NO EXCEPTIONS!