About RabbitFarm.in

RabbitFarm.in (rabbitfarm), we are located near Mandya District, Karnataka State, India. With the land of 2.5 acres and 2000 square feet of rabbit shed, we can occupy a minimum of 500 rabbits under one roof.

Having 2.5 acres of agricultural land, we have mainly used the entire area for growing rabbit feeds like Hedge Lucerne, Lucerne, Stylo, Hybrid Napier, Guinea grass and natural grass.


We are excited about growing rabbits and sharing our knowledge with others. At rabbitfarm.in, we breed and sell high-quality Breeding Rabbits and everything else which you need to raise rabbits. Also, we give training for new clients who wish to start their rabbit farm.

We offer all the necessary types of equipment like Rabbit cages, Water nipples, baby rabbit cages, feeder box, etc. We also help with the required medicines, track records and other useful information. For an average person who needs to start his farm, we give all data he needs.

To find success in rabbit farming, we follow a well-organized process. We keep up a detailed record of all our rabbits, their families, breeding, etc.

We additionally help farmers to breed rabbits for meat purpose or breeding purpose which has a lot of difference between the two types of breeding methods.

About RabbitFarm Marketing

Along with training provided to our clients, we also support them when they are in need. We help to find the issues and to overcome them in Rabbit Farming.

We are not only into breeding or selling rabbits but also have taken up a challenging issue which is currently bothering most of the farmers which is “Marketing.” Rabbitfarm.in is working to list out all Rabbit farmers and Improve the marketing ways wherever possible.

Come, join us together to set up a steady growth in Rabbit Farming and for a full-time profitable business.