All about Rabbits and Rabbit Farming

All about Rabbits and Rabbit Farming is excited about raising rabbits and sharing our experience with other rabbit farming farmers. started in January 2016 and is located near Mandya District, Karnataka State, INDIA. We breed and sell high-quality Breeding rabbits and everything else which you need to raise rabbits. We also give instructions for new clients who wish to start their rabbit farm.

With a systematic process and rules defined, every necessary step is taken to keep up a complete record on all our rabbits, their pedigrees, breeding, litters, etc.,

Along with training provided to our clients, we also support them when they are in need of help to find the problems and to overcome them in Rabbit Farming.

All our rabbits are of highest quality, and we take pride in offering excellent base stock in every rabbit traded.

Rabbit farming is not at all a high investment. It doesn’t need much money as different agriculture does. Instead, it takes a lot of knowledge about the animal husbandry and how best to raise animals. You should start with a successful rabbit farming business plan to gain high profit in short-term.

Raising rabbit for commercial is an excellent source of income and a smart way of self-employment. The demand for meat is increasing rapidly throughout the world, and now poultry, goat/sheep, beef, and pork meat are controlling the vast market. Commercial rabbit production can play a significant role to meet this demand. So the rabbit farming business will be an excellent opportunity.

There are many Rabbit Breeds available throughout the world. Some of them are much productive. Likewise, some breeds are very fit for farming in India per our weather.

All about Rabbits and Rabbit Farming